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Tanya has been an avid student of Fashion for the past 35 years, working with both local and foreign designers to create her own ever evolving individual style.

Whilst her personal creativity capability in both interior and fashion design is well known, her ability in the past to help others find theirs is less well publicised, but that is now changing with the launch of TBC Style and Image in Malta.

The process is quite informal, commencing with a meeting either at your office / home location or at TBC's Sliema Studio to ascertain your ambitions, requirements and the event timings involved. This is followed up with a 'suggestion' meeting where TBC brings to bear her in-depth knowledge of the current collections, colours, fabrics and accessories together with hair and beauty style suggestions. Appointments with suppliers are then made and the fun begins with either a full or half day of fittings in the company of your own personal shopper.

From fittings, alterations, accessories, hair restyling, colouring, beauty management, nails and professional make-up - through to the final dressing, TBC Style and Image are with you every step of the way to discovering the "Hidden you".
TBC - Style and Image
TBC - Style and Image
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“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”
- Coco Chanel